ENHA E-MAN 7000 - Innovative Safety Helmet for Electricians white-orange

Brand ENHA
Model E-MAN 7000
Material ABS, UV-stabilized / PC

EN 397, ANSI/ISEA Z89.1

EN 50365, GS-ET29

Electric arc class 2:

7000 A (0.5s)

Weight 720 g (including visor)
Ventilation Unventilated
Helm color White-orange
Visor color Transparent, clear
Sizing 53-62 cm
Suspension system Textile 6-point suspension
Made in Germany
Special feature

Innovative Crashbox

Side slots (30mm)

gross price per article


ENHA E-MAN 7000 - Innovative Protective Helmet for Electricians / Electrical Helmet - Made in Germany

The ENHA E-MAN 7000 was developed based on the state-of-the-art technology of the crumple zones of modern vehicles and comes standard with a fully retractable, non-tinted visor for full-face protection.

The E-MAN 7000 features a CRASHBOX, which functions similarly to the crumple zone of a modern car and is specially designed to absorb energy in the event of an impact. The destruction of the CRASHBOX absorbs the majority of the impact energy, thus reducing the amount transferred to the wearer's head.

This EN397 certified protective helmet is made entirely of ABS with UV protection and can be adjusted continuously to fit head sizes from 53-62 cm. It complies with all requirements of the EN 50365 and GS-ET29 standards and is available in two versions for different arc protection classes: E-Man 4000 for arc protection class 1 (4000 amperes | 0.5 s) and E-MAN 7000 for arc class 2 (7000 amperes | 0.5 s).

The anti-allergenic, textile 6-point suspension system with a ratchet closure system, along with the sweatband at the forehead, provides excellent comfort and unparalleled protection in case of emergency. The E-MAN can also be used with additional accessories such as ear protectors.

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