Innovation and customer satisfaction are our driving force!


Over 20 years of professional experience in the personal protective equipment trade have made us strong in a competitive business environment - we definitely think outside the box!

We are aware of our strengths and have mastered our strategy so that our business can grow significantly in today's difficult market situation. We have also examined our strengths and weaknesses in detail. As a result, we intend to drive the development of our business in a competitive environment to grow at an appropriate pace in the coming years.


The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority!


Our golden rules for our strong customer service and satisfaction are:


• Listening carefully to the requirements of our customers.

• The intensive handling of any customer complaints until they are resolved.

• Training our staff to always be helpful, polite and competent.

• We don't make promises unless we can keep them.


armorpho was founded in August 2020 as a primary trading company specialising in the following areas:


• Security products for relevant industries.

• Automotive industry.

• Mechanical engineering industry.

• Model finite elements.


Our goal is to deliver product and service quality that is unmatched in its industry. You can trust us!