ENHA Rockman E6 - HDPE safety helmet EN397 & EN 50365 | white | ratschet


Brand ENHA
Model Rockman E6
Material HDPE, UV-stabilised
Certificates EN 397, EN 50365
Resilience 1000 V (AC)
Weight 320 g
Ventilation Unventilated
Color White
Sizing 53-62 cm
Suspension  6-point textile suspension harness
Manufactured in Germany


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ENHA Rockman E-series – Made in Germany

The ROCKMAN E-series offers a significantly improved absorption of impact energies and thus performs very well in comparison with an excellent absorption rate and incidentally fulfils at least all requirements according to EN 397. The helmet offers protection against 1000V AC according to EN50365.

The ROCKMAN E6 ensures excellent protection at temperatures from -30°C to +50°C.

With a weight of 320g, the ROCKMAN E6 is a lightweight. It has a 6-point textile suspension harness, offers increased comfort via a sweatband at forehead level and the neck guard and is comfortably adjustable via a ratchet system over head widths of 53-62cm.

In order to be able to counteract signs of use such as scratches as effectively as possible, the ROCKMAN E series was deliberately kept in a matt design and also has UV protection.

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