Livinguard PRO - Medical face mask according to DIN 14683 | Bombay blue

Brand: Livinguard
Layers: 3 layers
Material: Fleece
Certificates: CE-certified
Color mask: Bombay-blue
Sizes: S - XL
Filtration: ≥95%
Protection against: Viren, Bakterien
Norms: DIN EN 14683
Usability: 210 days (washable) 
Special feature: Livinguard technologie
gross price per article


Awarded with the Sustainability Award 2021

Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2021

Livinguard PRO Mask

The Livinguard PRO Mask is an antiviral face mask that destroys 99.9% of all SARS-CoV-2 viruses with the help of Livinguard technology (see pictures). It also protects against many other pathogens and trumps the effect of all commercially available masks, making it the optimal protection for your health. The mask complies with the DIN EN 14683.2019 standard and is approved in all areas where a mask is mandatory in Germany.

Note: This face mask has been provided with a corresponding imprint with regard to the DIN EN 14683 standard. The packaging does not contain any accessories.

The Livinguard PRO Mask is also reusable with a total useful life of 210 days, making it an economical choice at approximately 0.15€ per day. This amount is much lower than the usual disposable masks. The long service life of the Livinguard PRO is guaranteed by its excellent washability, which should be cleaned every 7 days.

Take advantage of the proven high protective effect of the Livinguard PRO Mask and protect yourself optimally. Because your health should not be a question of money, but of quality!

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