3M™ Aura 9320+ FFP2 NR D - FFP2 certified mask | DIN 14683, CE | Pack of 5


Marke 3M
Layers 3 layers
Certificates CE, FFP2 mask
Package size 5 masks
Color White
Made in Germany
Size Universal size
Filtration ≥94%
Norms DIN EN 14683, EN 149
Special features

Reinforced nose bridge, headgear & chin strap

gross price per article


3M Respirator mask Aura 9320+ FFP2 NR D - Made in Germany

The Aura 9320+ from 3M uses the latest filtering technology to reduce breathing resistance inside the mask to a minimum until it is barely noticeable. In addition, seal points placed on the top of the mask allow stale air to escape to the outside, preventing or at least greatly reducing fogging of goggles and face shields. The 3-piece design and the existing chin tab allow the mask to be optimally positioned, providing an extremely high level of comfort in addition to its excellent tightness. It is not worn through ear loops like most masks, which strain the ears in the long run and may cause pain, but can be comfortably fastened to the back of the head by means of straps.

The corresponding filter technology of the Aura 9320+ offers protection against particles based on water and oil and filters out at least 94% of the pollutants in the air, thus offering very good protection. By wearing these masks, you also comply with the mask obligation imposed on us by the federal government.

Special features of 3M Aura 9320+ FFP2 NR D:

      • Filters at least 94% of pollutants from the air
      • Highest wearing comfort due to headbands and chin strap
      • Barely noticeable breathing resistance
      • Prevents fogging of spectacles and visual aids
      • 3-part design for easier speaking and optimal fit
      • Made in Germany
      • Pakage size: 5 masks

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